Tuesday 15 October 2013

Use FirkinApp for your own Beer Festival!

FirkinApp is a Beer Festival application that runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.  Its prime function is to give a replacement for the paper beer list which is handed out to visitors with their souvenir glass.  It often happens that beer festivals take place in halls where only the stage is lit, and in the body of the room it's difficult to read the tasting notes or record which beers have been tried, and how much they've been enjoyed.

FirkinApp was developed as a result of many years of beer drinking experience, and inspired by the enjoyment of FirkinFest, Grayshott's own beer and music festival.  As well as allowing visitors to record their choices and ratings of the drinks on offer, it also engages with social media and allows them to share their impressions using Twitter, Facebook and e-mail.

Many festivals need sponsorship to break even, and the FirkinApp links each sponsor to a firkin and allows the user to click through to the sponsor's web site, or mention them on Twitter or Facebook.  This should help festival organisers to market sponsorship opportunities, and the app is quite clear about these when they are available.
QR code to download FirkinApp

An information tab gives a place for four pages of information such as catering, location, ticket sales, how to be a sponsor, the programme for the event, and the event's logo.

All of the details can be customised and downloaded for individual events.  We can add your festival to our master file, and then link your beer list and tasting notes so that visitors can use them even in a darkened village hall!

The app is free and can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.

Festivals can request that their data be loaded, subject to the following:
  1. Permission from the owners of any graphics, logos or publicity information to use them on the app; I don't want to infringe anyone's copyright
  2. Logos, etc. as individual files, ideally png format, with dimension 256 x 256
  3. Completion of the master spreadsheet and the beer list spreadsheet to supply the details to populate the app
  4. Payment of a small fee for hosting the data

If you are organising a beer festival and would like further details, please contact me by commenting to this blog posting - your details will remain confidential. 

Monday 2 September 2013

DD Support

Dinner Divider is a calculator utility app to simplify the sharing of a bill (US: 'check') between those present.  When there's a kitty collected beforehand, or sponsorship money, or a voucher, it can become quite difficult to work out a fair share including a decent tip (gratuity) for the hosts, particularly when people are in a hurry to move on to the next place or their waiting taxi.

The app calculates the amount to pay depending on one of three things: the percentage for the tip, the actual amount of the tip, or the amount per head to be paid. 

This is designed to be useful for colleagues, teams, clubs, groups of friends, or anyone else that needs to share the expense of a social or business occasion.

There are two versions:
  • Free - with advertising support - currently optimised for iOS 5.0
  • Paid - the lowest App Store pricing level, ad-free - tested with iOS 7.0

The free version went on the App Store on 12 September 2013, and the paid version was submitted on 10 October.  An update for iOS 7.0 is being prepared for the free version.  

Please post incident reports for the DD app as comments to this thread.