Firkin App (iPhone)

Version 1.2

  • New indexed catalogue tab
  • Settings tab redesigned to make it much easier to load a new festival
  • Sponsors tab and functionality can now be switched off for festivals that don't have sponsors for individual products
  • Swipe gestures to navigate between pages when appropriate
  • Bugs fixed include the need to restart the app after changing festivals and restoring the units display when returning to a page where a drink has already been recorded

Version 1.1

  • Improvements and corrections to rating, Twitter and Facebook functions
  • Image library external to app (lighter download)
  • Pre-configured to download beer list for FirkinFest V

Version 1.0

  • Beer festival listing app with sections for beers, ciders and music
  • Each item in the list can have individual sponsors
  • Detail page giving tasting notes
  • Rating page allowing user to save drinks tried and 1-5 star rating
  • Drinks and sponsorship details can be shared using Twitter and Facebook
  • e-mail functions to send ratings to self or others
  • Pre-configured to download beer list for FirkinFest IV (2012)
  • Settings tab to allow other festivals' lists to be loaded


Current status: [2014-10-20] Version 1.2 approved and being received by devices that are set to receive automatic app updates.  :-)

[2014-10-12] Version 1.2 submitted to App Store for approval

[2013-10-25] Version 1.1 accepted by App Store and available to download

[2013-10-15] Version 1.0 accepted by App Store and available to download

[2013-09-27] First version rejected by App Store as it was found to crash on iOS7.  Problem causing that has been identified and fixed.   

[2013-10-04] New version 20131004 now available for testers.  Includes a settings tab and the ability to go online (if connectivity is available) to find missing artwork.  This should work in the Village Hall even without Wifi present.  Feedback welcome!

[2013-10-08] New version 20131008 available for testers and submitted to App Store for review.  

[2013-10-14]. New version on TestSoftware folder, now signed correctly for testing instead of App Store distribution. This one includes capabilities to e-mail your ratings and to load other festivals' data when available and activated in the festivals master file.  

[2013-10-15] version 1.0 is now available on the App Store and requires that your device has at least iOS 6.0.  If you're using iOS 7.0 then make sure you don't have iPad Only set when searching - this app is found in the iPhone section.