Thursday 30 October 2014

Grayshott eGuide web app - saving to home page

The web app looks at its best if it has the full screen available, rather than sharing it with all of the furniture of the device's browser.

On iPhone or iPad , the procedure is very simple.  Find the action button (arrow out of the top of the box on iOS 7 and later) and then Add to Home Screen.

This will now make an icon on the next available spot on your home screen(s).  But if you're doing this on an iPhone or iPad, why not download the native app? 

The following series of pictures shows an Android emulator and at least gets the bookmark onto the home screen.  It doesn't clear all the browser furniture when the icon is clicked, so I'd welcome feedback on how to achieve that.  Please e-mail here with subject: Android.

From the initial browser page, use the menu (top right) to find Save To Bookmarks.  Then to save to the home page, in the Bookmarks menu, hold down the Grayshott iconand select Add shortcut to home page

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Grayshott app

[Current status: 2014-10-21] The iPhone version of the app has been approved and is ready for release.  We will do this as soon as the data is readied and agreed, and the approach to its maintenance is  settled.

[Current status: 2014-10-08] The first iPhone version of the Grayshott e-Guide app has now been submitted to the iTunes App Store for approval before its official release.  The web app is being updated to take into account design decisions taken during the iPhone development.  

All the data is test data; some was picked up from old directories and may be out of date, and we will be working in the next few weeks to improve this.

For more details of the app, please refer to its overview page.

Known issues:

1.  Slow response when used initially off-Wifi (i.e. on GPRS)

Explanation  - all entries in the directory tables have their own graphic, icon or logo, and the app will go online to find these and save them.  When the app is used before it's loaded all of these and when connected to GPRS (well, we don't seem to have 3G in the village), it can appear to freeze or hang while scrolling through the listings.   It will appear faster in Airline mode but won't be as visually appealing. 

2. Business names starting with a lower case character confuse the A-Z display 

We found while cleaning up the data ready for publication that the A-Z display stopped appearing.  This was quickly found to be due to the addition of two businesses whose names start with lower case characters.  When these were changed to upper case, the problem disappeared.  This will be addressed in a later release but for now, all organisation names must start with an upper case character or a number.