Monday 22 December 2014

Grayshott e-Guide updates

The new improved iOS version 1.1 of the e-Guide has now been submitted to the iTunes web store for approval.  If all is well, it should be released for downloading some time early in the New Year.  It includes several improvements and fixes for known problems, including:
  • Improved layout on Detail view
  • Left/right swipe, where appropriate, to navigate between views
  • Improved search function includes post code and telephone numbers
  • Missing e-mail addresses have been added to the Detail view
  • The privacy policy can now be viewed on the information pages that start with 'About this app'
In parallel with this work, the web app (load to your smart phone at is also being redesigned to give a more mobile-friendly user interface.  It should work better in those 'not quite offline' situations where there's apparently a connection through GPRS or Wifi, but neither brings you any information.  The usual reasons are that GPRS is slow and flaky, or the best Wifi connection wants you to go through a sign-in page before you can reach any information. 

This is work in progress, and an announcement will be made when the new version is ready. 

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